Training Young Agripreneurs


My name is Ameen Mustapha Umar, 36; I am a Nigerian currently lecturing in Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Nigeria. I have a rich experience in training and consultancy within various sectors of animal production.

Proposed Project

I want to start a practical livestock industry that will train individuals who want to start a livestock farm. The project is quite possible because it requires a small farm and some classrooms.

Aspiring entrepreneurs will be enrolled in a practical session that will last about eight weeks and all aspects of husbandry they intend to be enrolled in will be taught to them. The various aspects will include: poultry production, fishery production, beef and dairy, hatchery operations, fattening, sheep and goat production, artificial insemination, veterinary techniques, pasture production, feed formulation, and so on.

The good thing about this is that enrollments will be certified and enrollment of student entrepreneurs will be on the needs basis. This means that there will be room to start a new entrepreneurship course for other emerging enterprises.

The resulting socio-economic impact this project will have in Nigeria is enormous. The country is facing economic challenges and the government has been talking about promoting agriculture, and therefore starting a coaching centre will help to train a lot of aspiring farmers.


In 2010, I left a lucrative banking job for lecturing, which was paying just one-tenth of the banking job. One of the reasons why I did this is because I wanted to help the teeming youth of Nigeria by coaching them to be self-reliant. So far, I can proudly say that I have taught more than 1,000 students in various aspects of animal husbandry, and this project is my opportunity to help train even more students.

Steps to follow

  1. Register the livestock coaching centre in all the required government corporations
  2. Get affiliated to a university and/or animal production institutes
  3. Get a suitable farm location
  4. Build two classrooms, an office and livestock sheds/housing
  5. Buy all the required equipment
  6. Stock the required animals
  7. Design curriculum
  8. Advertise and register students
  9. Start

Achievements so far

I already have a farm, which I bought in 2007. My farm has two boreholes and some well-established livestock production sections. I have done this all alone over the years I have been working.

studentspracticalMeasurable success factors

The success of the project can be measured in two ways:

Short term:

This can be seen from the number of individuals trained, their evaluation of the experience they gained in the farm, and the number of trained individuals that start an enterprise within the year of their training.

Long term:

On the other hand, the long-term measure of success include the number of well-established enterprises that gain their expertise from my livestock coaching centre, the number of awards the centre gets, and whether the centre receives international recognition.


I intend to use the USD 5,000 to do the following:

  • Finish the construction of all sections in the farm with USD 2,200 in four weeks
  • Register and obtain approval of the livestock coaching centre with USD 200 in two weeks
  • Build three classrooms and an office with USD 1,000 in four weeks
  • Buy equipment that will be required to raise few demonstration animals with USD 500 in a week
  • Buy the animals, feed, and other expendables with USD 1,100 within two weeks

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